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For BMW service in Greensboro, choose Independent BMW Greensboro Service Center. You can either call us at 336-510-4341 or easily schedule your appointment online.

About Our BMW Repair Shop Greensboro

At Independent BMW Greensboro, our trained mechanics provide excellent care for your BMW. We prioritize quality, efficiency, and innovation in all of our vehicle maintenance services. We offer personalized client care and use original BMW parts at attractive prices.

BMW Maintenance Services

  • BMW Oil Service:

  • We will replace your oil filter, microfilter, and engine oil, and dispose of used oil and filters in an environmentally-friendly way.
  • BMW Brake Work:

  • We provide expert brake pad and sensor replacement, as well as a thorough inspection of your braking system and brake cleaning.
  • BMW Battery Replacement

  • Our BMW battery changes will ensure your car runs smoothly.

Learn more about each of our services and schedule your appointment by visiting our website or calling us at 336-510-4341. We appreciate your choosing us for all of your BMW Greensboro service and parts needs.

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