GREENSBORO BMW Rotating the Tires on a BMW

Check your tire pressure in Greensboro, Nc

Tire rotation is an important maintenance task that can extend tire life and keep drivers safe on the road. Whether planning to do the job at home or having it done by a professional, it is important to know why tires should be rotated regularly. Below is a brief explanation of the tire rotation process.

Different Wear Patterns On Rear And Front Tires

Every time the steering wheel of a BMW Greensboro NC is turned, the pressure is applied to the front tires. Resistance brings about friction, which produces heat. Front tires wear faster than rear tires do, and to compensate, and it’s necessary to rotate the car tires from front to rear several times during their lifespan. As tires age, wear patterns develop, and some are caused by alignment and suspension components. If a car has rear and front tires of different sizes, they can only [...]

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Leasing Vs. Purchasing a BMW Car in Greensboro, NC

If you are trying to decide whether to lease or buy a BMW Greensboro NC, there are a few factors you should consider.

In this article, you will learn the pros and cons of leasing vs. buying, and the information offered here will help to simplify your decision.

The Benefits Of Leasing – BMW GREENSBORO NC

When leasing a car, you will only pay on the difference between the car’s residual value and the original retail price.

We will explain the best value for your money spend; with a lower monthly payment, you might be able to afford a pricier automobile. The average car lease lasts for three years, which is the same length as most automakers’ warranties.

BMW Lease Contracts require lower down [...]

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