BMW Approved Tires

In the Piedmont Triad: Including Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point

Your BMW’s Tires are the only connection between your BMW and the road, making it the last and crucial link in the performance chain, When that contact area is roughly the size of your palm; you need to make the most of every inch relaying critical information like brake force, engine power and driving dynamics, in a fraction of a second.

BMW Approved Tires – easily identified by the raised star molded into the sidewall- are extensively tested and specifically matched to individual BMW models to deliver superior handling with solid acceleration, crisp cornering, and smooth braking for enhanced active safety, setting new standards for precision and performance.

Your tires play an important role in the performance of your BMW, having significant impact on all driving properties and safety features such as electronic stability system. They’re not simply tires – they are ingrained in your vehicle’s DNA, interfacing with chassis components from steering to brakes and influencing performance at every turn. That’s why it undertakes such extensive research and development in the design and manufacturing of BMW Approved Tires, recognizing that the result is a tire that perfectly matches each vehicle in terms of quality, driving dynamics, comfort and value.

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