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If you’ve ever been inconvenienced by a flat tire, then you’ll appreciate the groundbreaking technology of BMW Approved Run-Flat Tires.

When they lose pressure, BMW Approved Run-Flat Tires retain a high degree of stability and lateral support. If your tire pressure monitoring system indicates a loss of pressure, you should adapt your driving style to the type of road surface, in particular avoiding impact stress such as potholes. The tires’ reinforced sidewalls allow you to continue on your journey at speeds up to 50 MPH (depending on vehicle load and extent of tire damage) until you reach our Service Center for assistance.

BMW Approved Run-Flat Tires are available in all-season and winter models, so you can rely on the safety and performance of this innovative system all year round.

The Latest in Tire Technology

BMW Approved Run-Flat Tires are part of a three-component system that provides the ultimate in convenience and safety:

BMW Approved Run-Flat Tires with emergency running properties, including reinforced sidewalls designed to support the weight of your vehicle after a puncture or loss of air pressure Extended hump wheels designed to secure the tire to the wheel in the event of sudden pressure loss Tire pressure monitoring system that continually measures tire pressure and immediately notifies you of any significant loss of pressure With their reinforced sidewalls, specially designed wheels, and accompanying tire pressure monitoring system, BMW Approved Run-Flat Tires lessen the major risks associated with sudden tire pressure loss, helping you avoid injury and preventable damage to your BMW.