BMW Brake Repairs

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Brake repairs are critical and your brake repair keeps your family safe.
BMW brake rotors for imports are also more sensitive to warping from heat, and overheated brakes are the second most common cause of failure (first is wear-and-tear).

Brake Repair Tips:

To Inspect Your BMW’s Brakes. Visually inspect your brakes’ condition at least every six months. Here are some things to look for:

BMW Brake Rotors (discs) should be inspected all the way around the surface and on both sides for any concentric scoring (grooves) or obvious defects. If defects are found, replace your rotors immediately. Any rotor discoloration may be a sign of overheating and an inspection by a BMW brake repair professional is needed.

BMW Brake Pads will normally match rotor scoring but should also be inspected for uneven wear, breakage or cracking on the friction surface. Again, if defects are found, replace the pads immediately. Many cars also have brake pad sensors to warn of pad wear. If your BMW uses sensors, replace these at the same time as your pads.

BMW Brake Drums (if equipped) should also be inspected on a regular basis. Check for the same types of flaws as noted above. The drums should not have excessive grooves or have a deep “trough” dug into them where the shoes ride.

BMW Brake Shoes (if equipped) should be worn evenly and have no rivets protruding to the friction surface.